Body – Mind – Soul Dance with Vera Erac


How much alive do you feel?

Do you breathe with your full capacity? Are you really present? Does energy flow freely through your body? Are you joyful? 

This is the Body-Mind-Soul Dance. It helps you become REALLY ALIVE and PRESENT. It brings ENERGY FLOW and BODY-MIND-SOUL INTEGRATION. Our final destination is JOYFUL LIFE. 

Here we learn to listen to and surrender to the BODY. Body holds the key to joyful living. In this practice we help you unlock DIFFERENT QUALITIES OF JOY, which are all important, and still – many of us live unconscious of or without them, or know only some of them. The main qualities are: peaceful-deep- silent joy… ecstatic… and playful…

Body-Mind-Soul Dance approach is the integration of body psychotherapy principles and techniques and free-dance practice. Breathing work, body awareness, pulsation, grounding, centering – to name just a few. 

In this practice the expression of what is inside of you, of your CORE is more important than the form. 


psychologist, body psychotherapist under supervision and artist. Since 2000 she has been developing her approach to working with people based on freeform dance, applied theatre and somatic practices. Body-Mind-Soul Dance is part of this. She is inspired by how we can become more creative, alive and connected with ourselves and our surroundings. She holds personal and social development workshops, trainings and programs, integrating knowledge and experiences from fields of psychology, body work and arts. Since 2017 she holds individual body psychotherapy sessions. Occasionally active as performer and DJ.

It is difficult to put this experience into words… I touched the infinity in my Soul… and Peace, Joy and Love… I felt widened, yet grounded… as if I physically grew… I let go and I embraced… I WAS PRESENT… This dance lifts you to the stars and deeply grounds you. Thank you.

This time I entered the dance slightly tightened, tired and absent… it is magical how this dance always, and I really mean – always – helps me to open, breathe and gets me flowing. My energy comes back.


“Roots and Wings” – BODY – MIND – DANCE Session with Vera Erac

June 1. 2021. In life and dance, it feels the best when we are connected with the ground as well as the sky. In order to let go, surrender, fly and launch ourselves into the heights and widths of our dance it is necessary that we are deeply and strongly rooted. You will receive the login details after the payment. Session is for 90 minutes, starting at 7 pm UK Time / 8 pm CET.


Private Session with Vera Erac

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